Fibre Quality

To link field to fabric along the supply chain, this module contains information that can influence fibre quality at a field level.

Key fibre quality issues to be addressed in this Module include:

  • Maintaining and improving fibre length through variety choice;
  • Producing fibre within the optimum micronaire range through high yield management strategies; appropriate defoliation and harvest preparation;
  • Reducing nep content through effective defoliation and harvest preparation;
  • Better management of fibre moisture in the field and through the gin; and reduced requirement for cleaning processes in the gin;
  • Minimising contamination found in Australian cotton bales;
  • Ensuring fibre quality uniformity and consistency within and between years.

Key Area: Crop management

Practices were implemented for planting and during crop growth to preserve the high fibre quality of Australian varieties

Check List:

Level 2

An appropriate variety was selected with the potential to produce high quality fibre

Level 2 Weeds were effectively controlled throughout the season to optimise plant growth and reduce the risk of lint contamination
Level 2

The progression towards cutout (nodes above white flower - NAWF) was monitored and strategies were engaged to avoid early crop cessation or delays in crop maturity / harvest

Key Area: Crop preparation

Practices prepare the crop for harvest to ensure clean white cotton

Check List:

Level 2 Irrigations were planned to finish the crop and to limit regrowth by having soil moisture levels to refill points by defoliation
Level 2 Irrigations during early flowering were carefully scheduled to minimise crop stress to optimise fibre length

Key Area: Harvest

Uncontaminated cotton is delivered to the gin