Key Features and Benefits of the myBMP System




myBMP is a free information system for growers to:

  • Access the latest information and research.
  • Find solutions to on-farm challenges
  • Utilise a wide variety of tools and features to assist in running a cotton production business including information on legislative requirements, best practice and aspiration cotton industry goals..

1. myBMP equals cotton business insurance

Undertaking myBMP provides you with the confidence that you have covered your on-farm practices.  myBMP Level 1 checklist items provide guidelines and practical advice on meeting identified legal requirements ranging from the storage and use of chemicals to the requirements of human resource management. 

2. You can tailor the system to your needs

myBMP allows you to work through the program modules in the order and to the levels that suit your business priorities. myBMP has been designed to accommodate all users.

3. myBMP provides access to the latest information in one place

Every checklist item is linked to its own reference source, with a pop up box that provides definitions, explanations, templates, calculators and links to further information, as well as tips on how to ensure that you are compliant.  All of these references are also contained in a module by module library.

4. It’s Simple

Being web based, myBMP has done away with clunky manuals and paper-based assessments.  All of your information is lodged electronically and stored in your confidential farm record for you to access as and when required. This is enhanced by an Action Plan feature, which provides a useful “to do list” that automatically identifies those checklist items required to complete the assessment.

5. Comprehensive Grower Support

myBMP offers a range of assistance options.  If you’re having issues with the site or need some advice on myBMP you can contact the myBMP service desk either by calling 1800COTTON (1800 268 866) or emailing us at

Alternatively, if you need technical advice or information relating to specific myBMP checklist items, a link on the right hand side of any self assessment page will allow you to contact a technical lead via email to access answers to your questions or further information.

6. Online Filing Cabinet means all your records are in one place

myBMP allows you to upload documents relevant to your myBMP checklist items in one place which will reduce the amount of paper in your office.  This process is especially handy for those growers who choose to seek accreditation, as it will allow your auditor to check through uploaded documents, simplifying and shortening the amount of time required for the on-farm part of the audit process.

7. Certification

A new and streamlined auditing process means that those growers who choose to seek accreditation will find the process easier to manage.

8. Monsanto Better Farming Brighter Future Grants for myBMP certification

In recognition of the significant achievement in becoming myBMP certified and the commitment to the production of responsible cotton, Monsanto is offering Australian cotton farmers a $2000 (ex-GST) grant per audit for achieving myBMP certification. These grants are available to all cotton farmers who undertake an audit and complete myBMP certification of their operation this year.  Farms not achieving certification by the 31st December 2015 but achieve certification after this date will be eligible for a reimbursement in the following year.  Grants will be paid as a reimbursement against the TSP technology fee invoice, following confirmation that myBMP certification has been achieved.  For more information, visit

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Ginners and Classers

  • myBMP contributes to a standardised classing/ginning system, minimising discrepancies between classing facilities and cotton gins
  • Provide greater confidence in the quality of Australian cotton
  • Operate under optimal conditions, with the provision of a set of best practices for the industry
  • Accreditation is provided by Cotton Australia
  • New content set, and backed up with links to resources and access to additional information
  • Auditing process remains the same as the old BMP system
  • Ability to store all relevant documents and information in one easy to access place
  • Action plans highlight which checklist item need attention to complete compliance
  • Ability to benchmark performance against peers
  • The ability to provide a superior final product will make our cotton more competitive and favoured in the market place

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Researchers and Extension Teams

  • Research information gains maximum exposure to growers and industry members in a timely and efficient manner
  • Information gathering and data analysis can be collected on a checklist item by checklist item level, helping identify which areas need further development and research
  • Researchers and the delivery team have the ability to manage how they choose to provide technical assistance to growers
  • myBMP can be continually updated to support the latest research and resources developed by the industry
  • Multiple levels of best management checklist item provide researchers with the capacity to direct targeted and more complex research information ‘beyond the basics’

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Community and Natural Environment

The improved system will remove impediments to grower uptake encouraging greater on-ground adoption of sound environmental checklist items.  myBMP gives the community confidence that the industry is managing natural assets in an efficient and effective manner.  In addition, a new work health and safety section has been added to the Human Resources module has been added to ensure a better workplace environment for employers and employees, filtering through to the wider community.