Frequently Asked Questions

I am having trouble downloading resources

You may be experiencing issues downloading resources if you are using an older version of Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer 10, Google Chrome and Firefox are the best Internet browsers for myBMP.

Getting started and using the system

To get started using the myBMP system you can either review the module overviews or request access for more information by registering. Registration will ask you to define what type of user you will be.
The categories include:

  • Grower
  • Classer
  • Ginner
  • Other (advisors, consultants, researchers, educators)

Grower registration takes you through adding your details and your business details. This information is needed to make sure you are not already in the system and for validating your farm as myBMP Certified if you choose to go to audit. Becoming certified is optional. 

The "Other" registration option is for those who work in the cotton industry and have an interest in myBMP.  You will be asked to state how you would like to use the website in the registration process and will be contacted by the myBMP Office to determine appropriate access levels.

After submitting your registration, the myBMP Office will contact you to confirm your details and help you get started using the system. Additional access to further information will be granted at this stage if applicable.
Need help registering or want to know more?

Call 1800 COTTON (1800 268 866) or email to reach the myBMP Customer Service Officer who can help you with your inquiries.

Auditing / Certification for Growers

How does the myBMP auditing process work?

If a grower chooses to be myBMP accredited the process is relatively simple.

  • As a registered grower in myBMP, you must first undertake a self-assessment of your farms, completing all level 1 and 2 checklist items, where applicable.  You may also choose to attach relevant files and documentation that demonstrate compliance with a checklist item.
  • Once all level 1 and 2 checklist items have been completed, you can request an audit in one of the following ways:

    1. after you have ticked all the level 1 and 2 checklist items you will receive two Congratulations pop up messages followed by a Request an audit pop up message.  Select your preferred auditor, read the Note and if in agreeance, click Continue.
    2. click the Request link on your myBMP Assessment page.  You can get there by clicking on the Growers tab, then the Self-Assessment box, then click on the Request link.  You will receive a pop up message, select your preferred auditor, read the Note and if in agreeance, click on the Request Audit text.
    3. contact the myBMP office by phoning 1800 COTTON (1800 268 866) or request an audit by email which includes your business name, the name of the farms to be audited and your preferred auditor.
  • Once the audit has been assigned to your preferred auditor, they will contact you to arrange an audit date and time.
  • The auditor will conduct the on-farm audit and provide you with an audit report which outlines any non-conformances that need to be addressed. Once you have addressed any non-conformances including providing relevant evidence to the auditor and the auditor is satisfied that your farms comply with the checklist item requirements, the auditor will finalise the report and forward it to the Auditing Scrutineer for review.
  • The Auditing Scrutineer will review the audit and if satisfied the evidence provided demonstrates compliance with the checklist items, the Scrutineer will endorse the audit and return to the auditor.
  • The auditor will advise you and the myBMP office that you have achieved myBMP certification.  The myBMP office will send you a certificate of accreditation.
  • This certificate is current for a period of five years after which time you will need to undertake the audit process again to achieve renewal of your myBMP accreditation.


Do I have to be audited? 

myBMP is all about participation and as such becoming certified is not compulsory. myBMP is designed with all growers in mind and provides benefits, no matter which level of involvement you choose. For example, you can access the myBMP site to access information relating to the latest research or legislation changes, or download a template for workplace health and safety issues etc. 

If you just want to make sure that you comply with the basic legal requirements, then working through the Level 1 checklist items will cover the information that you need without requiring an audit. With that in mind, the audit process and myBMP accreditation does bring with it a wide range of benefits - it is designed to be a one stop shop where all the information that you need to be the best grower that you can be is right there at your fingertips. To quote one myBMP accredited grower "myBMP is an insurance policy for my farm - by completing the auditing process, I know that I have covered off everything that I need to be legally compliant."


Monsanto Better Farming Brighter Future Grants for myBMP certification 

In recognition of the significant achievement in becoming myBMP certified and the commitment to the production of responsible cotton, Monsanto is offering Australian cotton farmers a $2000 (ex-GST) grant per audit for achieving myBMP certification.  These grants are available to all cotton farmers who undertake an audit and complete myBMP certification of their operation this year.  Farms not achieving certification by the 31st December 2014 but achieve certification after this date will be eligible for a reimbursement in the following year.  Grants will be paid as a reimbursement against the TSP technology fee invoice, following confirmation that myBMP certification has been achieved.  For more information, visit


Website and Information Security

Is myBMP safe?
Site security is managed in three ways, authentication, authorisation and encryption.

Authentication (identifying who you are) - is the first step in restricting access to myBMP website. This is managed by requiring that the user log in to the site if they request access to a page or resource that has its access restricted to authenticated users. Authentication is achieved by using your secure email address and password. This password is known only to you and is not visible even to site administrators.

Authorisation - Checks to see if the user is allowed to be in a particular section of the site. The myBMP access levels give users access based on their role assigned by the administrator. For instance unless a user is assigned growers rights, then they are not able to view the content in the grower section. myBMP also needs to assign user permission to view a business’s information. A user cannot view another business’s information unless they have been assigned access by the administrator. Further to this, the administrator will not allow access by a third party until written permission has been received from the authorised user.

Encryption - All data sent and received is encrypted by using 128 bit SSL encryption to stop your information being intercepted and read by unauthorised parties. This is achieved by ensuring that you can only go to restricted parts of the site by logging in over a secure connection (https). You can only access certain areas of the site if the administrator has authorised you to do so (e.g. the growers section). You can also only see business data that the administrator has allowed you to see (i.e. your own business information). This means that other users cannot see your data unless the administrator has authorised access and again this access will not be granted without your written authorisation.

Who has access to myBMP files?
Your information is only able to be accessed by you, the myBMP Administrator and any third party that you allow access to – this access will only be provided by the myBMP Administrator upon receipt of written permission. This permission will be accepted via fax or email (via the email address that is registered on the myBMP database) and confirmed verbally with the authorised used. Access will not be granted based solely on a verbal request.

Why is there a delay when I tick checklist items in assessments?
To prevent information losses due to issues such as computer failure, automated log offs or server failure the system has been designed to save each piece of information as you enter it, so when you are conducting an assessment, as you check a checklist item, it is saved back to the database automatically. This may cause the site to pause for a few seconds as the information is saved.

Computer Literacy

I'm not very good with computers - how hard is it to use myBMP?
myBMP has been designed to ensure that people with all levels of computer literacy will be able to operate the system. If you have ongoing issues you can contact us at or call us on 1800 COTTON (1800 268 866). Alternatively, we have a number of certified advisors available to assist you in using the system.

Do I need special software to access myBMP?
Not at all – myBMP is a completely web based system. This means that all that is required is the ability to log onto the internet for you to be able to access the whole system.