Use of Data

The myBMP Program is designed to treat confidentially any data generated by a grower using the Program. The myBMP Program is not designed or operated in such a way as to authorise disclosure of a grower’s BMP status or progress to any third party, unless requested to do so by the grower.

Each grower must keep its username and password confidential. The myBMP Program treats any use of the myBMP Program by any person using a grower’s user name and password as use authorised by that grower.

For the purpose of conducting BMP verification, a grower’s prior reports and action plans will be made available to that grower whenever the myBMP Program is accessed.

For the purpose of generating data to allow comparison of performance and conduct industry advocacy, only aggregated data will be used.

Personal information will be handled by Cotton Research and Development Corporation ABN 71 054 238 316, Cotton Catchment Communities Cooperative Research Centre Limited ACN 116 310 957 and Cotton Australia Pty Limited ACN 054 122 879 (Cotton Organisations) in accordance with their respective privacy policies, which can be obtained by contacting us at admin@mybmp.com.au

Information integrity

While every attempt has been made to ensure the accuracy and integrity of the information supplied in the myBMP Program and system, no representations or warranties are made about it.

An important objective of the myBMP Program is to prompt people to think about a range of issues relating to the interactions between cotton farming, the environment and the community. The Cotton Organisations do not claim to have covered every possible situation that could arise on a farm, and encourage feedback from everyone who uses the myBMP Program so that it can continue to be improved.

Where reference is made to another source, it is not to be taken as an endorsement of the information found in that source. To simplify technical terminology, trade names of product and equipment may be used. No endorsement of product names is intended, nor is criticism implied of products not mentioned.

When using pesticides you should always pay attention to the instructions and warnings printed on the pesticide label and Material Safety Data Sheets.

The level of farm planning and record keeping that a grower adopts is ultimately their decision. Good record keeping helps planning and therefore aids better farm management.

The myBMP Program does not purport to be professional advice. You should seek you own professional advice and ensure you are familiar with your legal obligations.

Terms of Use

By logging on and using the myBMP Program, the grower agrees with the Cotton Organisations that:
(a) it has read and understood about the Use of Data [insert hyperlink] entered into and sourced from the myBMP Program and acknowledges and agrees to it;
(b) the Cotton Organisations make no representations or warranties about the accuracy or reliability of information obtained or data generated or stored by the myBMP Program and exclude all conditions and warranties, whether implied at law, by course of dealing or otherwise;
(c) the Cotton Organisations are not liable to the grower or to any third party for any damages, losses, costs or expenses, including direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, special or exemplary damages or lost profits, arising from any access to or use of the myBMP Program; and
(d) the grower grants the Cotton Organisations a perpetual, irrevocable, non-exclusive royalty free licence to use, reproduce and disclose data provided or generated by the grower, provided that the Cotton Organisations de-identify the data before disclosure of it.

By logging on and using the myBMP Program, the grower agrees to these Terms of Use.