About CottonInfo 

CottonInfo is the Australian cotton industry’s joint extension program.

You can visit the CottonInfo website at http://www.cottoninfo.net.au/
CottonInfo is designed to connect growers with research, bringing you – our cotton growers, consultants, and agronomists – the latest news, information, events and research, and helping you achieve best practice.

CottonInfo was formed in 2012 by the three joint venture parties – Cotton Australia, the Cotton Research and Development Corporation and Cotton Seed Distributors Ltd.

CottonInfo integrates closely with myBMP.

CottonInfo is primarily a communications program, designed to deliver research and development outcomes and best practice information to growers and the wider industry.

myBMP sets the industry’s best practice performance criteria and provides a framework by which growers can participate in, and be accredited in, best practice. Both are industry programs driven by the Cotton Research and Development Corporation and Cotton Australia (with CottonInfo having an additional partner in CSD Ltd).

The two programs are very closely integrated – the myBMP team sit within CottonInfo, and CottonInfo encourages growers to participate in myBMP.